The only word with no universally accepted definition.
How many definitions of God can there be? Well, I guess I better go to god-defined.com to find out.
by god defined August 25, 2009
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a person that had no parents...
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by Boi On A Unicycle November 05, 2018
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A word that theists and atheists alike, scream about.
Theist: PRAISE (Insert the name of the god(dess)(es/s)here) IF YOU DON'T YOU WILL (Insert punishment adminstered for not worshiping the god(dess)(es/s)

Atheist: YOU ARE A (Insert blatant insult here) FOR EVEN CONSIDERING TO BELIEVE IN (Insert the name of the god(dess)(es/s)'s name here)
by Aeschere December 14, 2006
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When people can't justify their actions through reality, they justify their actions through God.
by GoAskAlex1991 August 01, 2011
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The self-existent supreme being who rules this universe in a way that transcends time and dimensions. Matters and substances in the universe cannot be forever derived from other matters. Eventually we'll have to trace back to a final non-derivative matter. This non-derivative matter must be brought into existence from nothingness by a sheer power of omnipotence, the power of a being no other than God.
Unbeliever: "prove to me that God exists"
Christian: "the fact that your consciousness can come into this world already proved that God exists"
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by PrehistoricFish August 03, 2020
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