A pretty awesome dude who created everything in 6 days. Can you do that? Didn't think so.
And God said, "Let there be ALL this shit." And there was ev'rything.
by Cats in Hats & Hats in Cats January 23, 2011
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Another form of saying "Word is Bond!" or "for real, no lie"
"Ayo G.O.D, im about to smack you!"
by PrEsTiGe March 08, 2007
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Large angry fairy-pixie in the sky. Refuses to show any evidence of his existence but will sentence you to an eternity of pain and burning if you do not accept it.
Abe was a good man, but he used God's name in vain, so he burned forever and ever.
by Rap Scholar March 28, 2005
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A divine figure, featured in pretty much every religion. Whether you believe in it or not is up to you.
by Some guy March 26, 2004
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The Creator of the Universe in the hit universal comedy, Religeon.

See fiction
Preacher : And The Lord God Said, Be Fruitful And Multiply.
Woman at bar : Dude, that is THE lamest pickup line.
by Tazzahbee November 26, 2007
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Some big man that sits opn a cloud and tells everyone what to do. Threatens us with hell.
Eat your cabbage or God will send you to hell!
by PunkRockBarbieBitch July 19, 2005
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