A family whose ancestors are part of the Italian Mafia.
Really cool, down-to-earth people.
Will pick a friend up when they're down.
Don't take no bullshit, look straight to the problem and tackle it head-on.
Witty, caring, and good-looking people.

Definately people you do NOT want to mess with.
Don't mess with the Gobbi's, they'll mess you up for good.
by Gobbi February 27, 2011
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1. Giving a blowjob.

Derived from the confectionary "gobstopper" which is a sucking lollie
Maxwell: Dam Shirley gives a good gobbi, she was sucking for ages!

Matt: Cool...
by Frailer May 05, 2009
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To unleash a gobby noise loudly, unleashing a gobby can be very satisfying and stress relieving, gobbying derives for m.howarth himself who is well known to be lurking in his goblin cave on a sunny day. Gobby likes to get his goblin staff out and when it blows unleashes a loud gobby squeal for the goblin girlies.
Gis a gobby
Unleash that gobby
I gobbied loud as f**k
Gobbying like a motherf**ker
by JaysonB September 10, 2014
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An Australian slang term, meaning basically when a bloke is fellated by a shiela. (That means a man gets sucked off by a woman)
"Got some action last night, mate."
"Mm-hmm. Got a gobby, mate."
"Nice work, mate!"
by Bean-o April 30, 2003
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The act of performing fellatio; oral sex. This only applies to a blowjob - a female giving a male head, and is NOT applicable in the reverse situation.
Derived from the english slang Gob - which refers to the mouth.
by Amzy February 10, 2005
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