2 definitions by JaysonB

Someone who only looks out for themselves, would quite happily cut someone out of a deal if it was to their advantage, even if it was a close friend. Wouldn't share in any fortune or luck that came to them.
He was his own man last night, he totally ditched us!
by JaysonB August 20, 2011
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To unleash a gobby noise loudly, unleashing a gobby can be very satisfying and stress relieving, gobbying derives for m.howarth himself who is well known to be lurking in his goblin cave on a sunny day. Gobby likes to get his goblin staff out and when it blows unleashes a loud gobby squeal for the goblin girlies.
Gis a gobby
Unleash that gobby
I gobbied loud as f**k
Gobbying like a motherf**ker
by JaysonB September 10, 2014
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