pronounced: k-eeear, slang/synonym for the word care. used disrespectfully, cheekily "I don't care" - Ker.
mom : I'm very disappointed in you
me : ker
by 1to100rq April 16, 2017
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Lost in translation hundreds of years ago, ker is possibly similar to using the word 'cunt' as a harsh definite and abrasive swear
Ah, you aul ker ye! or Chris is such a fucking ker!
by Kevin from the country October 22, 2007
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A prefix for nouns that adds strong expression

"I reached into the bag and KER-MINT!"
by Tim Loggins September 26, 2006
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The leading man of the enKerprises group
He is very awesome in the fact that he is Ker.
Although there are other reasons for his kerrific nature, Ker is the sole reason for Ker. Full stop.
by kerbitroy March 24, 2009
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A guy who makes monkey noises to strengthen the raid partys morale to achieve victory.
by ahwoajhwfjawf September 6, 2021
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A prefix used to modify onomatopoeic words, either signifying a crack heard before the body of the sound, or just to add flair.
Ker-splash, ker-pop, ker-smack, and "What the kerfuck does kerfuck mean?"
by Tha Pyngwyn July 14, 2005
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