Transitive verb.

1. To not push against prevailing behavior/norms/attitudes, occassionally including bowing to peer pressure.

2. To not attempt to exert a large amount of influence on the course of events, whether a specific series of events or events in general. A person who does this is often referred to as "laidback" or "easygoing".

Past tense: "went with the flow"
1. Josh didn't care for that roller coaster, but everyone else liked all the loops, so he decided to go with the flow.

2. Mike really wanted to ask Jane on a date, but the timing was off, so he went with the flow.
by Dan June 6, 2003
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Some good advice for everyone, just go with the flow ya know.
Stressed at school? Just go with the flow.
by April 3, 2021
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<verb> Colloquial expression;
To 'go with the flow' means to not have a particularly strong opinion on something, and thus follow the majority.

==> First known to be used by the Roman Emperor Marcus Arelius (yes, the one from Gladiator) in his writings 'the Meditations.' Marcus wrote a lot about the flow of thoughts and happiness and he concluded that "most things flow naturally" and in his opinion it was better to "Go with the Flow" than to try and change society.
DUDE: "Hey man!"
MAN: "Yo dude, what's up?"
DUDE: "Nothing, I was just wondering why you weren't being TOTALLY EXTREME like I am today, with my cool anti-fit jeans and my tight fushcia mohawk!"
MAN: "I dunno, dude. I just thought I'd go with the flow rather than dress like a total dickhead, y'know..."
DUDE: "Yeah, I know what you mean, man."
by Stuart Fletcher January 12, 2005
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when you just dont know what is goin on and lay back to see whats gonna happen... You just go with the flow
Doug: Man i dont know what i am doin today...I am just gonna go with the flow!!!!!
by Insane V December 13, 2004
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Sandy wanted to go to dinner and I didn't want to upset her, so I figured i'd go with the flow
by 111ddd444Big L April 10, 2018
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When your girlfriend/wife is on her period but youre both too drunk/horny/repulsive to care so you have sex anyway.
Last valentines day my girlfriend was on her period, so we planned to have a quiet night in, but after two bottles of wine we just decided to go with the flow
by mandatorysodomy March 19, 2018
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Something people do when they are too stupid to think for themselves.
I just go with the flow. Its easier than coming up with my own ideas or opinions
by thecelticworrier April 20, 2021
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