1. noun. What people are when they are in the zone or doing very well in a competitive event.

2. adj. To show something is incredibly awesome

3. verb. Dominate a competitive event

synonyms - boss, pro, animal, bad ass, BAMF, beast

usage allowed for all nerds, jock, and the rest of the spectrum.
1. John is a total gladiator at this!

2. Dang man, that's a gladiator science project!

3. Frank said he's 'bout to go all gladiator up in here.
by BackLamp March 23, 2013
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The sexual process where a female is in the act of double penetration, and upon the males' climaxing, they pull out and ejaculate across the female's face. Afterwards, one male, whilst looking down at the now semen-crossed face yells to her, "Are you not entertained?! ARE YOU NOT EN-TER-TAINED?!!!!"

The crossing motion resembles the scene of Gladiator where Russell Crowe takes the two swords and cuts of the opponent's head. This whole process may also be accompanied by the other male kneeling down, picking up a handful of dirt and/or sand, and letting it fall through his fist, into the wind.
Male1: Are you not entertained?! ARE YOU NOT EN-TER-TAINED?!!!!!
Male2: <dust floating through his fingertips>
Female: Yes, very much so. I always love getting the Gladiator.
by Dr. Keith Moon June 3, 2008
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A sexy man over fourty who is a warrior in bed. And is strong and hardworking. The exact opposite of a cougar!
Man Bruce Willis is a fucking gladiator he could hit it.
by Bubblewrappe March 26, 2011
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See teabagging.

putting penis in between a persons' eyes. THus creating a gladiator type helmet
I hear he's a famous gladiator...
by SexyAlexi June 7, 2004
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A game where two males sit across from each other with no pants and attempt to make the other person lose by causing them to get an erection first. this is done through leg touching etc. each person can only touch their opponents penis 5 times is only allowed 2 tugs/sliding movements
a: dude want to play gladiator?
b: no last time i lost on the second tug
by J$$$$$ May 28, 2011
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Chowed her box/chowder-box.

Mmmmm Glad-i-ator!
by daytripa May 2, 2003
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The act of wearing the best mascot costume known to man. A responsibility held only by the few and the brave.
by Lavendar Gooms May 5, 2023
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