Phrase yelled at a tool (a person pissing you off)
Adrien: I no like Americans (in a French accent).

P-Phat: Adrien, Go Suck A Dick!
by MOCO & P-Phat May 29, 2009
Go suck a dick, means when you yell at someone that's annoying you. And then have to be male, or then it dosen't work.

It's almost the same as fuck you
Annoying co-worker: Hey! I got them papers ready, how about you? You slow piece of shit.

You: Go suck a dick!
by PUG5 December 20, 2019

Made up in older times by a stocky, grey-haired lumberjack named Ol' Danny Boy.
Now modernly used as a violent term when extremely mad, usually shouted with extreme prejudice at someone for a minor inconvenience or insult the shouter would have taken offense to.

(you arrive at the theater and are dumbfounded and furious to see that the movie you wanted to enjoy is sold out)

customer-What the hell! I drove five miles to see this movie and its sold out just great!

employee- Sorry sir better luck next time.

customer-You know what, Go Suck a Man's Dick!
by Quiteabod November 13, 2013
When your so mad at someone sucking one dick isnt enough. You want them to suffer
Debby: Hey eric go suck a bag of dicks you fudge fuck

Eric: Wow that really hurt my feelings
by Jerry B Bop August 27, 2008
This means that the person really hates you and doesn't want to be around you. If someone says this to you, you should probably think of a comeback but if you can't just walk away like you think you're hot.
person 1: do you want to go on a date with me?
person 2: no sorry
person 1: I hate you so much go suck a dick
by ooop- October 15, 2022