to not take a shower for at least a 24hr time period or after a strenuous activity in which you have perspired an will most likely stink or smell bad
wow dude stop rossin it and take a damn shower.

dude you havent taken a shower since lifting your rossin it real hard.

practice was hard today and i dont have energy to take a shower so im just goin to ross it for a while
by big cuntree November 7, 2011
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The act of Mowing your own, or someone else's lawn for pleasure.
Oh man, i totally went out Rossing with my friend jose and the sun burned my skin.
by Iplayrs August 3, 2012
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Someone named Ross is usually of the male gender. A Ross is smart and literally perfection. His brown hair and green eyes will hypnotize you. He always makes you feel so special, like nothing else matters and you don't have to worry about anything. He may be soft spoken but he has a lot to say. He is handsome and all the girls want him. He is athletic and strong, but still kind and gentle. A Ross' hugs are the best and he is very protective. He generally dates girl that are shy, but sweet. He's adorable, and extremely cute. He may seem quiet at first, but is very loud in reality. When you start to get to know him, it's hard not to fall for him, especially if he falls for you. He's willing to do almost anything for you. He'd wait a whole year for you if he had to. He's very complimentary, but also insecure, so give him compliments too. He'll stay up until he falls asleep talking to you, and stay on the phone with you for hours discussing how much he loves you and what you'd name your children, and how perfect they'd be. He sticks to playing sports like basketball and soccer, but might play football as well. A Ross is special; if you have one, hold him close and never let go.
Girl 1: "Wow, he's amazing! I wonder who he is!"

Girl 2: "That's Ross."

Girl 1: "Figures."
by dillonsgirl23 December 28, 2012
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Ross is a legend and #1 With ass movement and pro 🥺🤪
Oo Ross #1 legend sexy
by Digga ligga September 12, 2020
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A Ross is definitely a great man. Known to many by "Sex God". Ladies offer their bodies to his almighty power. If you are a female and you haven't fucked Ross, you better out on your grizz boots because its goin down.
Ross was the most amazing sex giver EVER.
by Str8Russ November 10, 2013
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The most beautiful girl EVER! Shy and normally has amazing friends and tells them EVERYTHING! Never will leave behind her closest bestie. Is always the first to step down if it benefits her friends. She normally has a lot of friends, but only a few close ones.
Rosse is my BFFL!!
by Broken Kitty February 5, 2018
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Ross is the type of guy who will fall in love with his best friends sister. He’s not really a simp type of guy though. Ross will always have a close friend who is a simp but Ross doesn’t judge so it’s all okay! He doesn’t really get in much trouble and makes bank. Ross also has a hella thicc booty that will be much appreciated in the near future. Find yourself a hella thicc Ross.
Ross is thicc.
by mystery567 June 5, 2020
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