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135 definitions by Stupid Af

The disorder turns straight men homosexual.

Some cases are far worse, however, with some never finding a cure in their entire life.
Person: Hey, he has TBGD (The Big Gay Disorder)!
by Stupid Af June 21, 2021
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a young group of people (typically male) that help each other out, or friends
The Boys: Yo yo yo, wanna join?
Michael: yea
by Stupid Af July 8, 2021
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what you get if you hang out around tomboys or femboys
or somene thats gay
or both
*going to class*
Jake: *catches the gay*
Jake the next day: *wears a skirt to school*
by Stupid Af June 29, 2021
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The Hetero is something you get being around straight people. However, it is much harder to get than the traditional gay.

First, you have to get all 5 Obamiums
Next, you have to kill James Charles
Then, you have to remove all your girly clothes and act straight
Finally, you have to stop masturbating to gay AND straight stuff

All of these combined will create an unstoppable force, which then, mixed together with the elements of space, will turn you... straight!

However, just a quick reminder, easier said than done. It's going to take a lot of work, but finding the right tutorials can advance you in your journey back.

Good luck!
Everyone wants The Hetero.
by Stupid Af June 29, 2021
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A male that acts like a Karen. See chad
Mcdonalds Worker: Hi, how may I help you
Mcdonalds Worker: *messes up food*
Male karen: I'm going to speak to the manager
Worker: You're such a male karen!
by Stupid Af June 29, 2021
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An inspirational quote from a little boy thought to be from another little boy named Yisrael, yet was proven false in a Cut video named "Mom Guesses Which Dirty DM Her Son Sent | Thirst Trapped | Cut" Truly a masterpiece of the english language.
Dave: Yo, did you know someone said them titties titting in a cut video before?
Michael: Yeah! I TOTALLY saw it!
by Stupid Af July 23, 2021
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