135 definitions by Stupid Af

A cool song made by a cool guy appropriately named Coolio.
Gangsta's Paradise is a cool song
by Stupid Af July 24, 2021
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A really, really, really, really really horny coomer. #1 ranked of all fellow Coomers. Will send a hitman if you say you are just a big fan of Hentai.
guy 1: dude have you seen that category 8 coomer
guy 2: yeah that kid is so horny lmao
by Stupid Af July 12, 2021
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When you wheeze so hard, just cackles come out.
i cackled once
by Stupid Af July 30, 2021
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According to me, this is what you say when you don't want anyone to hate you
Dream: According to YouTube statistics, only a small percentage of my viewers are ACTUALLY subscribed.
Fanbase: blah blah blah
by Stupid Af July 24, 2021
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The little goblin in your ass, feasting on foods, turning them into shit, waking up and telling your body about it, and helping you take it out. If you don't take it out, eventually, it will either kill you or force it out by itself.
Jake: *chillin*
Jake: yo dude, I think my ass goblin is waking up.
Michael: I think you need to take a shit.
by Stupid Af July 25, 2021
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