The act of going so hard that you lose all the ability to walk, speak and think properly. This phenomenon often occurs after drinking too much alcohol or using too much drugs. People who are "going ape" can often only think about sexual intercourse. Activies like sleeping in random spots, puking excessively and urinating in inapproriate places are not exceptional.
Bob: What's going on with Martin?!

David: Oh don't mind him, he decided to go ape.

by bestwelhardgaantochja December 4, 2013
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Go Ape is a high wire, tree top assault course. The company has 26 courses nationwide including the country's longest zip wire: 426m at the course in Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire.
The Go Ape experience gets the adrenalin pumping, gets people out of their comfort zones and above all, it’s just great fun.
by Go Ape Tribe January 31, 2010
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A state of mind where you act like a primitive bithc. You can only do simple, brute things. You most likely also haven't showered in a while and may not be wearing clothes either.
Friend 1: Hey how's your summer been s far?
friend 2: Ive been going ape, man. I've just been washing dishes at my job and I've been wearing the same cumderwear for days
by old crumbler July 22, 2019
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Go ape is a funny way of saying to lose your mind, or go ballistic.
I will go ape on you if you touch me again.
by PWS27 August 4, 2017
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similar to rape however the 'g' and 'o' stand for getting off
therefore you have been forced to get off with someone
Natalie - "Oh my god you got off with that matt guy?!"
Daniella- "God no! He just came up and forced himself on me, i couldn't stop him!"
Natalie - "Ohh you got GO-APED!"
by Daniella121223283 May 16, 2010
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Get mad, drive into crazy. See go bananas
Jeny:- Hey! Somebody stole me my passport!! I cannot get out the frontier without it!!
Usher:- What the fuck?? Oh God!! What should we do??
Jeny:- Let's try to jump over the electrified fence!
Usher:- Oh damn it!! You go ape again and again!! Think as a human!!
by Teh Wolfboy December 5, 2015
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