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Word in Spanish that means the animal kept in farms for consumption and makes a squealing noise, and called to someone who is disgusting, awful and repulsive.
-El cerdo chilla si le tiras de la cola.
-The pig screams if you pull its tail.

-Ese cerdo violó a la niña del exorcista!
-That sick pig raped the Exorcist's daughter!
by Teh Wolfboy August 16, 2015

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One of the worst fetal issues where the brain and the top part of the skull is missing. This oddity is caused because of the lack of folic acid between the second and whole third month of embryo development.
This means that the neural tube aka. the spinal cord and the backbone does not close properly.
Anencephales or anencephalics look like frogs with protuberant eyes, and have got often an encephalocele at the occipital (missing) area, facial traits like zombies... Yuck!
This is not my case...

Dr.: - Miss your baby suffers Anencephaly...
Mum: -Oh shit...

Courage to all mothers who experienced that their babies suffered this disease!!
by Teh Wolfboy August 16, 2015

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Insulting term to call a gay man or a gay-looking man. It usually is applied to girly youth and joyful gay men.

Found in almost every Eminem's songs. See also faggot, twink, queer.
Eminem walking through 8- mile Road and some jerky, confusing guy stares at him.

—Heh! What 'r U doing??
–Oh so handsome dude...
—Stupid fag, fuck off!! Don't stare at me!
-Fuck off yourself! I was just ironic! Ah! How many times did you use the word "fag" today?
—Shut up cuz I had rapped ya 2pack six minutes- six minutes- one thousand words but damnit! I am angry!! Don't jerk me off!!
-Wow. I love you...
by Teh Wolfboy December 06, 2015

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The most difficult company you could find when you go on a school trip, an exchange or when you are on Erasmus.
Stadistics of finding a Room Fuckmate:
B= Boy. G=Girl. ~ = joins to. •= sex.
°= no sex. B/G = Boy or Girl.
^ = Common situation.
× = Uncommon situation.

Fuckmate Coincidence
|straight| B~G × • B/G~B/G ^ • (×)
|gay-lesb.| B~G × ° B~B^ • (×)
|bisex| B~G× • B/G~B/G^ • (^)
|pansex| B~G× ° B/G




by Teh Wolfboy December 06, 2015

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Best Sony SLRs and EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens) camera brand, affordable for beginners and experts.
I own a Sony Alpha A200 which is ten years old, I think I need a new camera... May it be Sony? If I am sure I am buying a new camera, YES!!
by Teh Wolfboy August 18, 2015

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Masturbating, often applied to men.
I usually wank every night, it helps me to feel asleep.
by Teh Wolfboy August 17, 2015

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Shit, in German language.
-Die Katze hat eine Scheiße gegessen!
-The cat had eaten a piece of shit!

-Ich scheiße wo die Leute scheißen auch!
-I shit where people shits too!
by Teh Wolfboy August 16, 2015

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