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Trump Meals on Wheels is when the Donald tried to get rid of Meals on Wheels for good.
Did you hear about Trump Meals on Wheels? Yeah, dude it's not wheeling around anymore.
by PWS27 April 07, 2017

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Young and Menace is a brand new Fall Out Boy Song off their 2017 album that comes out in September 15th titled MANIA.
Oops I, did it again, I forgot what I was losing my mind about.
Oh, I only wrote this down to make you press rewind and send a message that I was young and menace.
-Patrick Stump
by PWS27 April 28, 2017

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Bridge it twelve is the fundamental concept of Hung Gar. It's a connection between you and the other person and you facilitate control over your opponent. Usually, in either attack or defense. There are twelve bridges: hard bridge, soft bridge, crowding bridge, direct bridge, dividing bridge, stabilizing bridge, inch bridge, lift bridge, sending bridge, controlling bridge, settling bridge, and flow/reverse bridge. This is mainly used in Kung Fu.
Novice: Master, teach me each component of bridge it twelve, so I can become the best Kung Fu fighter in the whole world

Master: This will take a considerable amount of time, but is necessary in order to dominate every opponent you will face.
by PWS27 May 19, 2017

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The Paris Agreement is a treaty that was signed by the leaders of 195 countries. The purpose of the agreement is to signficantly reduce global warming and emissions by 2020. By 2100, the Paris Agreement intends to eliminate emissions altogether and end global warming for good.
I am totally in favor of the Paris Agreement because emissions and global warming are terrible for the envionment.
by PWS27 June 01, 2017

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Windows 8 is the worst Microsoft software ever because it is so non-user friendly. Why would
I want to save my documents to the cloud?
Windows 8 is much worse than Windows 7 because of how the software is designed.
by PWS27 June 03, 2017

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A friend girl is a girl you really like, but you're just really close friends and not boyfriend/girlfriend. You're still in the friend zone and that's ok.
Elizabeth Berryhill is my friend girl. We like to go on friend dates.
by PWS27 July 07, 2017

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In the world of coffee, an average joe means an average cup of coffee. Usually it falls halfway between watered down cardboard and decent storebought coffee.
I bought a large container of Maxwell House coffee from Kroger and it tasted like an average joe.
by PWS27 May 08, 2017

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