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The blood circle refers to a knife, saw, and axe safety requirement taught primarily in Boy Scouts that must be respected when the user of the knife, saw, or axe is cutting. If the knife, saw, or axe user can turn all the way around in a circle without accidentally cutting someone with the open blade, or sharp object it is safe for the knife, axe, or saw user to operate. To earn your required whittling chip in Boy Scouts that allows you to operate/cut with a knife, saw, or axe you must demonstrate proper knowledge of the blood circle.
One of the first things you are taught in Boy Scouts is establishing the blood circle while using a knife, axe, or saw.
by PWS27 July 20, 2017
A friend girl is a girl you really like, but you're just really close friends and not boyfriend/girlfriend. You're still in the friend zone and that's ok.
Elizabeth Berryhill is my friend girl. We like to go on friend dates.
by PWS27 July 7, 2017
An energetic hangover is a hangover stemming from energy drinks and alcohol.
Simon: I had the best energetic hangover last night. I was high as a kite and then I was so depressed and manic at the same time. It was so rad!
Simon's mom: Never do that again!
by PWS27 August 10, 2017
Magic mushrooms are hallucinogenic mushrooms (shrooms) that have come in contact with cow manure. Pretty trippy.
Magic mushrooms make the world go round.
by PWS27 July 25, 2017
Young and Menace is a brand new Fall Out Boy Song off their 2017 album that comes out in September 15th titled MANIA.
Oops I, did it again, I forgot what I was losing my mind about.
Oh, I only wrote this down to make you press rewind and send a message that I was young and menace.
-Patrick Stump
by PWS27 April 28, 2017
The Paris Agreement is a treaty that was signed by the leaders of 195 countries. The purpose of the agreement is to signficantly reduce global warming and emissions by 2020. By 2100, the Paris Agreement intends to eliminate emissions altogether and end global warming for good.
I am totally in favor of the Paris Agreement because emissions and global warming are terrible for the envionment.
by PWS27 June 1, 2017
A double negative statement is a statement that is redundant, so the result is positive. In other words the statement is an absolute, or no variable conditions.
(- -) = +
(++) = +
An example of a double negative statement is "leave me alone you stupid idiot!"
by PWS27 July 3, 2017