The act of passionately stroking an object or being up to two times. Can only be suductive or friendly, eye contact and language determine the difference. No more them two strokes or it would be referred to as "petting."
Would you stop glossing my pillow, your hands are filthy.
by ThePhysicists June 1, 2015
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Glossing is commonly referred to when describing two gay male men, having sex in car parks or other areas where people are known to 'gloss'
'what were you doing last night?'
'glossing. Several other people joined in, it was such good fun'
by chronostar May 20, 2015
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A state of extreme highness in which ones eyes are quite shiny and appear glossy.
Dude Dylan smoked some quality dank and got hella glossed on friday.
by Buh Buh BlackPower August 28, 2008
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background information on something or someone; basic facts in order to get a take
(probably from "glossary", the part of a book which lists sources of information)
"ok, so here's the gloss on this new and revamped Mets squad....."
by ColdOne November 21, 2004
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Everyone knows you can't gloss yourself, you have to earn your name.
by Steve from Danville June 22, 2007
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To be put in check or corrective action by discipline.
Todd is getting out of line, He needs to be glossed
by X-Lan97 July 22, 2019
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