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To suck a guy's dick until he cums, after the two of you have been fucking and he hasn't cum yet.
To stop fucking to finish a guy off by sucking his dick.
"Yo I'm exhausted, you gotta gloss."
"Mmm, want me to gloss baby?"
"Damn man, my girl will hop off my dick just so she can gloss."
"Bitch, get down here and gloss."
by ThickQueen October 29, 2018
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background information on something or someone; basic facts in order to get a take
(probably from "glossary", the part of a book which lists sources of information)
"ok, so here's the gloss on this new and revamped Mets squad....."
by ColdOne November 21, 2004
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Episode 5 of Cocktail chats luke hemmings was so drunk he question how to say glass so say gloss
Luke : press my cheek against the glass?Gloss? I don't know who I am anymore
via giphy
by 5sos definitions July 11, 2018
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The act of becoming gross and or referring to something that is gross.

Also pertains to trying to make a joke from storytelling but end up tripping on your own words (i.e. your brain and your mouth not being able to keep up with each other) and in turn the word gross gets reverse-Asianized and is heard as GLOSS.
While in the wetback section of Fresno, Vos got GLOSSED out at the site of a 86' Camaro on cinder blocks.
by April 25, 2003
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When someone farts quiet and it stinks alot.
Boy : Dude, whats starts with G and ends with s
Boy2 : Gloss!
Boy : Hell yeah!
Boy2 : thats gross uuuuuuugh
by JiiZz June 04, 2011
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