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Gilo's are known for being smart and talented. There nice and beautiful, but gilo's can be sneaky.
"Hey look there's a Gilo I should go get on autograph"
by The person of definitions June 25, 2017
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The name "Gilo" was first used by ancient Polynesian tribes to describe someone of near godly-ness. "Gilo" can also be used to describe someone who habitually smokes Marijuana due to the fact that these ancient polynesian tribes were one of the first to discover that Marijuana has hallucinatory effect and would usually be smoked only by the village's current "Gilo".
1)Dude pass the J only Gilo's can have as much as they want.

2) Damn! That Gilo awesome I wish he was my friend!

3) Gilo! Here's a big bag of weed. Have it your awesome.
by Los Problemos March 18, 2009
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A person who is too perfect for words. No adjective could do them justice.
That friend of yours is such a Gilo! Bless them!
by Psanon August 28, 2019
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Gilos is a name for any unique person with definetly a unique name. The name is very rare and you will rarely meet someone with the name Gilos. If you do come across one just know he is a cute, fun loving boy that lights up any room he walked into. He is very loyal and will stay true to anyone he runs into. He will typically be athletic, funny, popular, and overall a very good person!!
by littyafdefs December 28, 2018
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