A word, originating from Quagmire on the show "Family Guy" that is used when somebody makes a remark that was not intentionally sexual but could be interpreted in that manner. It is essentially the same thing as "that's what she said"

Note: It is 1 third of the phrase "giggity giggity goo"
Brynn: Ow I just cut myself
Tom: haha
(Bair enters the room, not hearing the beginning of this conversation)
Brynn: Don't laugh at my pain...I'm a girl, you're not supposed to do that
by jorgepfan March 15, 2009
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a word used in the popular tv series family guy. the origin of this word is from colombia equador and brazil, latino women took this word from a traveling white man who came from city to city (doing wat he does best) the word giggity giggity defused from white to latino and is used today as a corny tv joke.
how old are you?
oh your 18 sweet
giggity giggity
by billybong123 January 28, 2010
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When you say something that contains a sexual reference in a joking manner, however, while you may be joking, you really mean it.
I would totally take you home tonight and do dirty things to you, no giggity.
by Pudgeman316 March 12, 2010
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the catch phrase used by Quagmire on Family Guy.

It's a verbal simulation of masturbating.

giggity giggity goo = stroke stroke spew
by supper's ready April 11, 2009
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as in saying, "That's what she said" .. all the new kids on the block are saying " giggity "
Lexi: "This is way too long & hard"
Josh: "Giggity"
by hoe fo'sho! March 13, 2009
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