A word used to point out a phrase that could be turned into something sexual, similar to "That's what she said". Originated from Glenn Quagmire on Family Guy.
Me, playing Terraria: Damn, this boss is so hard!
My perverted sister: Giggity.
by Rossiter23 October 3, 2017
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Said by the perverted Glenn Quagmire from hit t.v show Family Guy. Also can be said when someone says something that could be turned into something sexual.
Example One:

Quagmire: No, this is the WannaBangO ! Giggity.

Example 2:

Man 1: Did you try to fix the leaky sink?

Man 2: I tried doing it last night, but it was so hard.

Man 1: Giggity
by Erectile Function October 29, 2014
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n. 1. A term, originally from Glenn Quagmire on Family Guy, that is used to express sexual contentment with one's surroundings.

2.a. A catch phrase used to draw out sexual innuendo in a statement. It is the equivalent of that's what she said.

3.a. A phrase used to denote extreme agreement or contentment with a suggestion or situation. Similar to cool, awesome, or sweet, though the use of such terms has become so frequent that a "cool" situation or suggestion is not necessarily a "giggity" situation or suggestion.
b. Any situation or suggestion with which one finds extreme contentment.
1. Random 10: "It's hot in here? Are you hot? I think I'm going to shed some layers."
Hypothetical guy: "But you're just wearing your bikini."
Random 10: "So?"
Hypothetical guy: "Giggity."

2. Your Boss: "Okay, so I was halfway through the competition, and I thought maybe I'd drink some water, just so the hot dogs would slide down my throat easier..."
You (Because you read this Urban Dictionary definition): "Giggity."

3.a. Friend: "I can't believe it... I just won the lottery!"
Friend's Friend: "Giggity!"
b. Random Guy: "Did you hear about the lottery scam?"
Other random guy: "No, I didn't. What happened?"
Random Guy: "Apparently there was a printing error at the lottery company... they printed a million winning tickets by mistake."
Other random guy: "Wow."
Random Guy: "Yeah... they've got to apologize and everything. It's definitely not a giggity."
by British Swingmaster July 5, 2010
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What you say when you see something or someone that pleasures you in a sexual way, made popular by the TV show Family Guy as the catch phrase of the griffin's perverted neighbor Glenn Quagmire or mainly known as Quagmire. The phrase can be used in three ways, like two giggity's and then the word goo, or giggity 3 times, or just saying giggity nonstop.
Logan: Hey Matt did you see that chick over there?

Matt (me): Giggity! *gets a boner*
by Giggity Giggity Giggity Goo August 6, 2009
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a word to describe something sexual even in the slightest way
Guy 1: I gave my enemies a POUNDING in CoD!!

Me: Giggity!!!
by Froody foozboos pizza June 23, 2015
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The catchphrase of Glenn Quagmire of Family Guy. Sexy, hot, arousing, sexual interest
by Peaness December 19, 2016
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