Short for backward aerial in the game Super Smash Brothers
You can combo Bair into itself
by Nairo's Mother February 12, 2019
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short for butt-hair.
what happens to you when you laugh and cry at the same time.
Man, I was laughing so hard at the comedy show that I cried. Then suddenly my butt started ta' itch!
by Eric April 20, 2005
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cool way to say Buenos Aires; one of the most "shakin asses" capital of this world...and of course, in Argentina, South America; Diego Maradona´s home
"Hey Niko, what da fuck we gonna do 2 night y´all??"
"Ohhhh!! c´monn men we re in Baires, let´s weed n´ house"
by Marcelo December 5, 2003
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1: good

2: alot

3: very
"dis blad was ge'in bair vex boy!"

"you go' bair knives blad!"

"dat is bair!"
by pronagermizer June 16, 2005
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My father used to be a Hood Milkman with a delivery truck and route and he would bring home the 5 gallon containers and it would piss my mother off when I would drink it all so she would bair my cereal.
by TheMadman1 November 15, 2009
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Is the awsemest, most fun loving girl you could ever meet! She's sweet to people she likes but cold to people she doesn't like. Guys love her. All sorts of them. Jockies, wise guys, and even bad boys. And she won't settle for anyone! If you mess with her bad things will happen. So don't do it. And if you ever meet emily Bair stay with her and she will stay with you.
Guy one: don't ever mess with Emily Bair!

Guy two: why?

Guy one: she will mess you up"
by Amanda skippy August 31, 2011
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