"Oh look homez, ders a hot chika alla."
OMG she is! giggity giggity 3x `
by homez.com May 14, 2009
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a unit of measurement to quantify the amount of pornographic images, video, and data contained one's computer.
Don: "Man, my laptop is running slow!"
Glenn: "That's because you have way too many giggity giggity bytes of porn on it."
by ryatellsastory January 31, 2015
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the deffintion means that of gettin it on or liking what you see in the oppisite sex.
I giggity giggity goo with her often.
by christopher6996 February 22, 2008
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When two or more people are laplickers engaging in tntercourse
Person 1: What are they doing in the back?

Person 2: Do you mean cecily,sydney and them? Oh they are giggity giggity gooering.
Person 1: Oh.
by TheBadGirlie. August 03, 2009
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something that sounds unintentionaly sexual.
two people are talking and one sais something like "bite me" a band kid hears only this part of the conversation sais "giggity" and snaps in the face of whoever said it.
by i live in a bubble March 05, 2009
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Adj. Describes the state of being in love with guns in general, or in love with a particular firearm.
That boy's all gun giggity over that Gold Deagle he saw at the gunshow.

Did you see the new Kriss 45 Carbine - man, I'm all gun giggity over that fine piece!!
by Ricardovitz June 08, 2009
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