The most GORGEOUS girl around! She makes everyone smile in a way they never thought they could. She brings you up when you feel down. She is a great friend with a brave personality. But when pushed to the edge can be your worst nightmare. But it just makes her more cute! She a lovable person and can be like family. She is someone you never wanna let go of. And is one of the most important people in your life! She is just all around perfect!!!
Brynn is always there for me. I love her so much!
by NatsuSweetHeart July 1, 2017
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if you aren't lucky enough to know a Brynn then you are 100 percent missing out. My brynn is smart and funny and beautiful. i know for a fact that i can count on her to make me smile any time that i feel like i am going to have a mental break down, she is there for me and although she can be stubborn at times in my eyes she is perfect in her own way. i love being around her and she is without a doubt the brightest part of my day. so brynn if you see this then i hope i made your day just a little bit better.
" brynn is a hottie"
by lemon boy 0210 October 31, 2019
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An amazing girl with beautiful eyes and long hair. She is a person who is graceful in everything she does. She is very kind and a great person. Can keep secrets safe and is super pretty.
Do you see that girl over there?
That one?
Yeah she is totally a Brynn
by hahaimnotafail March 7, 2013
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someone you tell everything to. she's always there and is a regular comedian. she's a friend to the earth and you swear you can hear music when your around her.
do you hear that music?

yeah that's brynn!

she's so cool!
by dandelionfieldsofhappiness September 24, 2010
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She is an amazing friend . She can be a psycho but that’s why we love her. She is sportive and loves to win she is a girl you will love
Hey is that Brynn

Yep shes lookin pretty as ever

Wow I’m so glad she is my friend
by ¿Cool_kid? October 21, 2019
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An extremely nice girl who's beautiful inside and out. She's always ready to listen and help her friends with their problems. Sometimes so can be a real party animal but she always has fun in the end. If you're friends with a Brynn, that's something you'll never regret. She's hot, and is great with hooking up!
Dude I hooked up with brynn last night, holy shit.

Oh was it fun?
Best fucking ever!
by Imma potato July 28, 2012
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A GORGEOUS kind loving girl with everything set high. She is a great friend and a funny comedic. She is always there when you need her the most and is with you through thick and thin. She can make you feel better about anything. But when messed with can be psycho. But it just makes her more cute! She is about as good as they get!
Brynn is a such a great friend and she is always there for me!
by Natsusweety July 1, 2017
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