AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! A Ghost
by Zayla45320 March 4, 2017
To avoid someone until they get the picture and stop contacting you.
This mother fucker is annoying yo. I'm guna have to ghost him until he gets the point.
by miggelzworth October 6, 2010
Someone that died and you can't see them but some people can and they are still on earth
by Ghost_Reapear October 28, 2019
Dude 1: Yo look, it's a ghost.
Dude 2: Whatever. Ghosts aren't even scary.
Dude 1: They are here in the South.
Ghost: COME 'ERE, N***ERS!
Dude 1: RUN!
by SmokeAHugeDick January 8, 2021
An emotional state when feeling and emotions pass through you. An emotional state when you have no emotion and you go silent for a long while. To lose empathy, the feeling of a conscience, soul.

To go cold toward people, with a machine and emotionless state of speech, mindset unsympathetic.

To feel as if you dissapeared , no one would care or make a fuss

All if to say "i dont want to care, i dont want to feel feelings and emotions"

To loose ones humanity
"Ghost .... thats what they keep calling me"
by Theamazinggeek May 17, 2019
one who feels no emotions

an unknown person who is only heard, never seen, always hidden
the sad, angry, happy etc feelings pass right through someone, so they are then called Ghost
by xGhost August 14, 2010
Ghosts are these creepy things that be staring at you when you be sleeping. They come out at night and have a party in your room. During the day, they be chilling in dark places such as your closet and under your bed. They like to freak you out by making noises.
by Thuglyfe-Eskimo. July 2, 2012