The act of waving ones hand viciously back and fourth until you beat the opposition into submission. This action can only be accomplished with both partakers sitting at a school dinner table. The opposition then has to, as the word implies, 'Come 'ere'. The definition of 'ere changes depending on your location at the time. This word has to be pronounced similarly to that of a mentally challenged juvenile.
*two gentlemen having a normal conversation*
Lewis (retarded stripling at end of the table): "Come 'ere"
by pseudonym the second May 22, 2018
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Come over here. Come by here. Come check this out.

Isolated to Northern Wisconsin.
Hey Bob, come 'er once!
by gbpackerbacker August 9, 2017
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Artist V9’s intro and also his way of intimidating some Wasteman on the streets when hes about to ching them.
V9: “Mmm ay come ere

Op: “Shit man cut of the block!”
by big up 98s November 17, 2020
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