A skyscraper in London's main financial district, which has become a very distinctive landmark on the skyline. It is informally known as "The Gherkin", but officially as The Swiss Re Tower, or just Swiss Re, after its principal occupier. It is 180 metres tall, making it the 2nd tallest building in the City of London, and the 6th tallest in London as a whole. The radical (and somewhat phallic) design is by Sir Norman Foster and ex-partner Ken Shuttleworth, and the building was constructed between 2001 and 2004.
"What's that giant glass penis doing in the middle of London?"

"Oh, that's just the Gherkin built by Norman Foster."
by Will Fox February 17, 2007
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The Gherkin is a humble man of Irish descent.

A Gherkin is typically a portly fellow, short in stature and quick to anger, yet hankers to jest and rebuke. Commonly recognised for his fondness for a frigid brew whilst whetting his appetite for the titillating indulgence that is sports.

Historically know for his resentment of the Helmet people (first appeared approximately A.D. 2004), which experts believe to have withdrawn from both our consciousness and physical presence.
Trent: Hey Gherkin, do you want to go to The Corner and have a beer before the footy?

Gherkin: I'm already going there with Ed and Chris to get smashed, so you can fuck right off back to Adelaide you helmet haired fairy fucking poof!!!
by elwar1 July 08, 2009
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a tall endearment for one's member.
paula had always thought that walter thought too highly of his sweet gherkins
by johannes thier November 29, 2006
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When you take a huge shit and after the pain resides and you get that glorious feeling...that feeling is what is known as a gherkin. A gherkin can best be characterized by that radiating feeling around your asshole due getting that huge log outa' there.

The gherkin is named as thus because the pleasure it is associated with is comparable with the feeling of eating a delicious, sweet gherkin pickle from the Thanksgiving pickle platter.
A. Last night I pigged out at that Mexican whole-in-the-wall down the block. Today I took a huge dump and afterward I experienced the gherkin of all gherkins accompanied by the spicy tingling of jalapenos. That gherkin made my day...way better than having an orgasm.

B. You're really fucked up.

C. You make my dick sad.
by Gher Kin November 03, 2009
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To, or the act of feeling yourself up at inappropriate times.
Bengaman: Dude I was totally Gherkin it all over Torra Borra
Sadex: Yeah I noticed, He's got kind of a evangelistic glow
Bengaman: Yeah...that was my doing
by Bengaman May 25, 2004
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Hey did you see that gherkin.

Yeah man, damn. I've git a boner!

How big was her cheese!
by Jizztastic.org.john April 05, 2010
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Word is used to describe someone who is not very coordinated or just a general word used for abusing someone. Can often mean disabled aswell, but is not actually said to a disabled person.
"Oh Ben, you are such a gherkin"
by Gav800 September 07, 2005
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