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Term used to describe a person who is arrogant, unfavourable in personality, has the Gall but also loves man anus.
If you saw one, you'd say "My God you're a fuckarse!"
by elwar1 July 08, 2009

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The Gherkin is a humble man of Irish descent.

A Gherkin is typically a portly fellow, short in stature and quick to anger, yet hankers to jest and rebuke. Commonly recognised for his fondness for a frigid brew whilst whetting his appetite for the titillating indulgence that is sports.

Historically know for his resentment of the Helmet people (first appeared approximately A.D. 2004), which experts believe to have withdrawn from both our consciousness and physical presence.
Trent: Hey Gherkin, do you want to go to The Corner and have a beer before the footy?

Gherkin: I'm already going there with Ed and Chris to get smashed, so you can fuck right off back to Adelaide you helmet haired fairy fucking poof!!!
by elwar1 July 08, 2009

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Can I fuck your anus?
Hey there, what's your name? CIFYA?
by elwar1 July 09, 2009

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