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"Getta" is a term given to an MKIV Jetta with Golf front end. Basicly, take the Golf front end, which includes Hood, Fenders, Bumper, Grille and Headlight, then install it in a Jetta. And you got yourself a nice Getta
Ricer 1: WHOA! that VW has a Golf front end and a body of a Jetta!

Ricer 2: Oh yea Its called a "Getta" those crazy dubbers can do front end swaps between MMKAY4 Jettas and MMKAY4 Golf's.

Ricer 1: OH DAAAAAMN! i wish my CRX can do the front end swap thing with a civic.
by Ranjee U. April 30, 2008
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Getta/Geeta - Female name
Origin - Hindi
Meaning- Beautiful flower

Getta is a name that specifically describes an exceptional child. She is particularly very creative and intuitive. Definitely no dull moment with her as she is capable of painting wide smiles on faces as she moves in her day to day life
Hey, let’s ask Getta to help us lift this.
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by Check up February 02, 2020
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