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verb, a command; exclamation. In either case the subject, either a person or a situation, has reached the absolute lowest point possible of evaluation. For example, if some chotch wearing capri pants spills your beer and then hits on your girlfriend, you might tell him to "get worse", or you might exclaim about the situation "Get worse!"
I told that eggfaced mark-stain to get worse... stain.
by Taft Carrdigan June 27, 2003
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To say or reply something at a level so ridiculous it's humorous. Usually said after "HOO".

The name Dane Ward (inventor of getting worse) itself can get worse.
Person one: "What if somebody hated animals in tied all the animals in the world to a railroad track made of rusty barbed wire and fire"

Person 2 may reply :"HOO get worse"
by JTK1919 October 09, 2009
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