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Dog pisses on lamp post, lives to regret it.
Dhar Mann has posted "12 Year Old Creates a Social Media Account, Lives To Regret It"
by Deadboydoor517 March 12, 2022
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A Social Reject who became a motivational speaker through the power of cocaine, beer, and women.
Did you see the new Dhar Mann video about Porn?
by akaclappy July 10, 2021
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Some guy on YouTube who owns a company that makes cringy yet addicting inspirational videos. All of them usually have the same plot and message, even some videos being verbatim.
James: Bro, Dhar Mann is so cringe
Alexander: Yeah, but it is super addicting to watch
James: I know right

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Grifter that makes "wholesome" videos to launder his image and shill himself. They're calculated to tug on the heartstrings just enough to make any critiques open to accusations of being cynical, trolls, or cyberbullies.
Dhar Mann is rich and clearly out of touch with the public.
by UDUser4820 May 27, 2021
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A person who makes videos about ur mom
I hate Dhar Mann
by Annv June 21, 2021
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Some Indian Guy on YouTube who makes those “motivational videos”, usually they’re ass but some of them are good
ChumChum: Hey wanna watch Dhar Mann?
CumCum: Nah Nigga
by Dictator Kiwi April 2, 2021
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a motivational youtuber that makes my dick hard whenever i watch him
dhar mann fam is teh best!!!! #dharmannfam
by Stupid Af June 29, 2021
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