Shane Dawson is "not a pedophile"
Shane Dawson: I, Shane Yaw 🤠, am nOt a fUckiNg pEDOphiLe
by angelz06 July 5, 2020
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A sexual predator with over 20 Million subscribers who gets into deep shit every few months but never shoulders the consequences. A disgusting man who should never have gotten such a large audience.
"Did you hear about what Garret was convicted of yesterday?"
"Yeah. What a Shane Dawson."
by Anastasi0s July 2, 2020
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The act of doing any of the below (or any combination thereof) to your cat.
a) fucking,
b) cumming on,
c) putting your dick anywhere near,
Dude, I hear Dylan pulled a Shane Dawson on one of his cats.
by Big Momentum April 21, 2019
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A person who fucked his cat and sucked his dogs dick
Hey have you see the Shane Dawson tweets it’s so funny
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Who's your fav YouTuber?
by perdoquedro March 29, 2017
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a fucking awful person that fucks his cats and dogs, is a pedophile, and does not deserve a social media platform
Who is the worst YouTuber ever?
Oh, that’s Shane Dawson!
by KingPoke December 30, 2021
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Garrett Watts : what happened to queen mary?
Shane Dawson : queen Shane took her spot
by mkellyyyy.xo July 25, 2018
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