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This is an abnormal mental condition in a person characterized by an inflated or irrational fear of catching disease. People who go to extreme lengths to protect themselves from catching disease are said to be "germaphobic" .

Examples include:

1)Using paper towels to turn off taps and open doors in bathrooms.
2)Avoiding finger food that is placed in communal serving dishes e.g. potato chips.
3)Using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer after shaking hands or simply refusing to shake hand with others.

People who suffer from OCD are often germaphobic and in slang are said to be Germaphobes.
Person 1: "Wow! that Bill guy is totally germaphobic. After I shook hands with him he had to completely disinfect his hands with hand sanitizer! What up with that?"
by Mick Bentley March 13, 2010
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