A handsome man that takes the feelings of others into consideration.

He's such a Geraldo
A handsome,kind,sweet,caring, understanding,intelligent gentleman who takes other feelings into consideration. Geraldo is such a sweet guy.
by Legendary legends August 24, 2019
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a blemish on the otherwise fine face of the Fox News Channel; American journalist aiding and abetting the enemy; survives on moustache water; wannabe Hispanic
Geeze, if Jerry Rivers - ahem, Geraldo Rivera keeps screwing up, we'll have no place to send him except the moon! Even then, we just might have to kill him.
by Alex April 6, 2003
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A "Geraldo" is a half-naked selfie taken in a seedy hotel bathroom whilst trolling the Internet for strange. Also known as the "Anthony Weiner" and "Total Lack of Awareness of the Fact That I Work as a Politician and Can't Troll the Internet for Strange Act."
He works for Fox News, but he took a "Geraldo" to try and get laid and everyone found out about it.
by HaventDefectedYet March 19, 2016
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The cutest boy. Loves gaming but will lose every single multiplayer game. It's cute, dw.
by GeraldoLover August 24, 2021
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To foolishly expose information.
No one would have been the wiser if you hadn't Geraldoed.
by Mo October 31, 2004
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someone who is a native african and has at least a 17 in dominating schlong
look at his dick, he must be a geraldo
by sarne’sabeast April 7, 2021
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Upon realization that one's sexual partner has started their menstrual cycle during the act of vaginal intercourse, a Bloody Geraldo is when a man swipes a desired number of fingers on said bloody vagina and proceeds to smear the blood across the area underneath his partner's nose; thus, she is left with a dripping mustache that resembles FOX News' anchor Geraldo Rivera.
"You wouldn't believe what I did last night, dude."
"Oh yeah, what this time?"
"I was fucking this chick and next thing I know she starts bleeding all over my dick."
"Ew that's gross dude"
"Not as gross as me giving her a Bloody Geraldo afterwards."
by ThatJmuMickAndThatJmuRob October 31, 2011
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