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Here's how to make Geraldo in a bucket.

Get a bucket and then shit in it and then...


Geraldo in a bucket!
And that is how you make Geraldo in a bucket
by i give you a poop moustache March 18, 2008
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An awful moustache; i.e. a moustache that looks as bad as Geraldo Rivera's
That cheesy geraldo on your lip ain't gonna get you laid, son.
by Fredo's da bomb October 1, 2003
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The Dirty Geraldo is very similar to the Dirty Rodriguez, in this case the male sticks his penis in a female's ass and wipes the remnants on the female's upper lip profusely, but is required to be performed with a large penis thus creating a larger area of mustache resembling that of Geraldo Rivera.
Kaydee was getting bored with her previous Dirty Sanchez's and Rodriguez's, from other guys, complaining the smell faded away too fast ... so I gave her a Dirty Geraldo she would never forget! Rumor has it, it's still there to this day.
by Charlie Muurphy February 11, 2007
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A reference to the famous and infamous, Puerto Rican-Jewish son of Cruz "Allen" and Lillie "Lillian" Friedman Rivera.

Often controversial, the "Exposing Myself", "HisPanic", and "The Great Progression" author; five-times-married, four-times-divorced dad of five children; and a former lawyer who represented the Young Lords of Spanish Harlem; the ABC News-turned-NBC News-turned-FOX News anchor has never shied away from taboo subjects (including Satanism and Al Capone's vault) or even outright-dangerous situations (including unthinkingly giving away troop positions in Iraq in 2003, right before he was scheduled to marry Erica Levy).

Some have sadly speculated that the 68-year-old "Geraldo at Large" host and FOX News correspondent may also not be in his final marriage in being married to Erica Levy, the daughter of late ADL Regional Chairman Howard A. Levy. Even though Geraldo Rivera converted to Reform Judaism in 2003 by celebrating a second Bar Mitzvah Ceremony with son Gabriel and marrying Erica Levy at Manhattan's Central Synagogue, Rivera has had a record of sleeping with over 1,000 women (including his five wives; all four ex wives of whom he cheated on) and raised concern from some (including some outright-vicious and vile gossips) that his support for the verdict in the Casey Anthony case may be motivated be certain untoward and inappropriate feelings towards the infamous client of Jose Baez.
"What'd you open; an Al Capone? Who are you; Geraldo Rivera?"
by Nickidewbear August 26, 2011
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The cutest boy. Loves gaming but will lose every single multiplayer game. It's cute, dw.
by GeraldoLover August 24, 2021
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The most perfect man. No human could ever mount to such perfection. He is the kindest you could ever possibly come across. He has the biggest heart. He has the ability to make you forget all sadness and can also release all stress. One hug from Geraldo can cure all illnesses. He is the kind of man you show your parents- they will love him and ask him to marry you instantly. Nothing could possibly go wrong when being around Geraldo. He also happens to have the most contagious laugh. He is strong, sweet, kind, *handsome*, and one of a kind. If you date Geraldo, you will never date a man as perfect as he is. He has the warmest lap (great for many purposes). He truly raises the bar for everyone's standards. Geraldo would make the best husband and father. Marry Geraldo.
"So, I heard you're seeing someone new...? ;)"
"Yeah, his name is Geraldo."
"Damn, that's crazy. You must be so happy. When is the wedding?"
by GeraldoLover August 24, 2021
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