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A "Geraldo" is a half-naked selfie taken in a seedy hotel bathroom whilst trolling the Internet for strange. Also known as the "Anthony Weiner" and "Total Lack of Awareness of the Fact That I Work as a Politician and Can't Troll the Internet for Strange Act."
He works for Fox News, but he took a "Geraldo" to try and get laid and everyone found out about it.
by HaventDefectedYet March 19, 2016
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When it is made official that two people have decided to bond with a fist "pound." The declaration of the conscious decision to bond between two people with a knuckle-to-knuckle pound. When asked to "pound it" whilst forming a new bond.
We decided not to disturb them when we saw knuckles clap as we knew they were bounding.

The affirmation of a new friendship was apparent as they exclaimed, "Pound it!" while bounding.
by HaventDefectedYet June 3, 2017
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