adj. shirtless; topless. (Used of both guys and girls.)
A mob of half-naked people ran out of the burning YMCA.
by kadatz May 12, 2010
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any situation where one of the two sensitive lady parts are covered: topless or bottomless.
the fact that she would only get half-naked at any given time made their sex life interesting.
by you wishfwwdfasdf23 September 9, 2010
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Being absent of clothing in which one is only in underwear or half the body is missing all clothing.
He got half naked and his shlong was hanging out.
by Burntsausage January 31, 2007
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1. To become very close to intercourse, but not achieve the desired result.
2. To believe that you are going to get lucky, and wind up with your dick in your hand at the end of the night.
Jimmy thought that he was going to get lucky with Isabelle, but it turned out to only be 'happy half-naked time'... poor guy.
by jdillpickle April 30, 2007
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it is when a person is half naked after their butt. Meaning, they aren’t wearing pants or underwear.
“I opened my mom’s door and saw my mom half butt naked! why wasn’t she wearing any pants after she let me come in?”
by gggccc6 November 20, 2020
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April 19th is the day you send half naked pics to someone you are comfortable with, but not so close to send your nudes.

You could send these pics to your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or someone you have a thing with and you can post them on you social media as well BUT YOU CAN’T SEND THEM TO YOU EX.
Person 1: “Happy National Send Half Naked Pics day!”
* send the pics to Person 2*
Person 2:”Awww you mad my day! Happy National Send Half Naked Pics day to you too”

*send the pics to Person 1*
by ITSBROWNG April 18, 2020
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