the most amazing, caring, loving, cute, handsome, gorgeous, awesome, sweet, funny, mesmerizing, understanding, forgiving, smokin hot, sexy, incredible and cool person that belongs to only person, so keep your hands off or his girlfriend will beat you up.
I'm so jealous of her. She has a Domenico
by italianbymarriage November 23, 2010
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Dom is a really cool and gorgeous guy. Domenico is a pretty popular guy and always fits in with the older teens in the crowd. Like I mentioned he is gorgeous and seems like a cuddly guy. Any girl would be luck to have him in her life and I’m extremely lucky to have him in my life and that he is my guy best friend. Dom has always been there for me and I would never want to lose him. Let’s not forget how most domenicos are really athletic and academically smart + talented and is involved in musicals.

you’re one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met.

love you broski <3
Domenico is really cool you should get to know him a bit better.
by Djior December 7, 2020
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A Domenico is someone who dances and acts like Ricardo Milos.
A Domenico haunts you in the night while you are having sexytime with your boyfriend.
Person1: Yes please shove it up my ass.
Person 2: I cant, Domenico will appear and rape us both.
by Ricardo Milös April 11, 2019
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Name given to the sexiest men alive. Men with the name Domenico usually have a problem with attracting too many women and can't catch a break from women calling his phone. He's also always good at everything he does (which is a given). Purely submile lime chime dime
Im gonna tickle you. Domenico.

I went to the potato store to find potatoes but there was no potatoes until Domenico came and now I have potatoes for toes.
by chunkdunk December 11, 2022
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by Domenico November 21, 2021
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Domenico is an annoying mother fucker who likes when sky sits on his face also is an Italian little bitch.🏳️ 🌈🇮🇹
by Cheyenne the dike May 6, 2019
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A WHS AP Human teacher who is trying to change the English Language by adding “Geo” and “What is Occuring” to daily use.
by KEWoodstock6 December 7, 2020
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