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an early 90's Gm car company. they produced small shitty coupes and four doors for 3 or so years. however they get excellent fuel milage. You will NOT get head in this car. usually poor teenagers and unibombers drive them.
the only reason I bought a geo, was for the fuel economy. and because i'm poor as hell.
by jaim'e October 21, 2007

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A. when the chef ruins what could've been delicious french toast by battering it to death in egg and only half cooking.

B. to have your period
OH!! my mom didnt flush her soggy french toast.
by jaim'e November 10, 2007

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the space between your ballsack and butt hole. If you wipe back to front, it pushes the poop onto your douche and leaves an itchy shit smear.
I flipped off my bike the other day, and seat hit me right in the douche!!
by jaim'e November 05, 2007

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