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A name that can be addressed to a tall male who has a humourous and 'nerdy' disposition. Can also be a code word for some boy you fancy. A very off-putting (and frankly confusing) name for those randomers who are secretly eavesdropping your convo.
"You seen "Mackeral Mike" lately?"
"Nah, he hasn't cycled past my house in days"
"I thought you had a thing...?"
"Yes, we do"


"He's such a Mackeral Mike!"

by VerrucaSalt March 22, 2009
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A name for male testicles and/or a funny indie kid who has black hair.
"His Gajoney's must be HUGE!"
"Well, I heard he has to wear XL boxers!"
"No way!"


"Gajoney's playing tonight"
"Yeah, we'd better catch him ;) "
by VerrucaSalt March 22, 2009
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A female virgin
"Emily is a Girgin, she hasn't gone that far yet..."
by VerrucaSalt March 16, 2009
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A person who is obsessed with bikes and/or BMXs. They are the type of person who 'personify' their own bikes, referring to them as actual human beings. A "Geo" person is likely to be more infactuated with their dedicated hobby that you may find you are talking to a brick wall. You must approach a "Geo" person by addressing all your conversations with a BMX related topic.
long pause
"Oh, hi sorry I was just oiling my chain."
another long pause
"I'm going bmxing. See ya"
"You're being SUCH a geo!"
by VerrucaSalt March 21, 2009
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