A verb referring to when you shoot hot cum onto your boynuts. Generally achieved while Soft Dick Jizzing.
"Your dick just flops down like a fire hose and geeps on em'
by I invented geep August 28, 2022
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Person 1: “Is he awake?”
Person 2: “No, he’s geeping.”
by eetswag December 4, 2022
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A noun or an adjective describing someone, or something that has unfavorable traits about it. Often used to express people as a whole.
I was just mocked, people are really being geeps right now.
by Totallynotlaffy March 26, 2019
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(n.) a hybrid animal mixing a male goat and a female sheep. The fusion of two unpredictable, dangerous animals leave us with a patchy-haired weapon of mass destruction whose bray sounds like such: o o o o o o o o a a a a a a a a a
Holy shit! Run away that geep is about to fuck us up homie!
by yoshmonster December 8, 2010
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When someone tries to stand out but is actually making a fool out of themselves.


Another term for “loser
1) Tony: Bro, look at that guy dancing over there

Giovanni: Yeah I saw, he’s a geep

2) I can’t believe you took a Snapchat singing Mariah Carey, you’re a geep for that.
by TheOGBasillios October 16, 2017
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a goat and a sheep mixed together
Jeffy: What do you get when you mix a goat and a sheep?
Mario: What?
Jeffy: A geep
by a rare pokemon October 31, 2019
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