Words are less for him. He's the best. He is a really good listener and if you ever want to have the best advice,go to him... always remember one thing...if you find dhruv...never leave him...cause the way he will make you happy...no one ever can..he's a really good friend,son, brother and a boyfriend....who ever is his girlfriend...she is really lucky to have him... whenever you are around him... you'll always feel happy...and even if you are sad...he will do whatever it takes to make you happy.... his smile is amazing....and most people are obsessed with his hair...he has really pretty eyes...he is really caring kind and an amazing person....but yaa...if you hurt him..... he'll beat the hell out of you...and you'll regret it really bad...and as I said...words are less for him..!!
Dhruv....he's one of his kind...he's unique!!✨
by Emma..!! November 22, 2021
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I have no words for a Dhruv he is flawless in every way possible, with his charming dimpled smile, and warm honey brown eyes. What can I say, he's the kindest person you will know with a heart of gold, always there for you when you need him the most. He is the another word for thawling love. The funniest person you will know, just by interacting with him he can lighten up you mood when you in the dampest of spirits. The smartest person you will know, with a soul of nature. He is a sensitive - empath person who can spread his love with everyone or say the Dhruv is all good things enrolled in this one guy. When you find a Dhruv never lose him, as he is a star in the night sky, bright, beautiful, unique shining his rays among us, spreading his love around us. He is best person material and I hope one day you can be with him too.
Have a heart as Dhruv
by Tusharrr November 24, 2021
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This boy thinks hes a baller

Even though he won't admit it, this boy can dance....just turn on soulja boy and youll see what i mean

No matter what time it is, this boy wants to go out and partyyy with the boys...total party animal

Does not give a fuck about the world, plays by his own rules

Did you see those boys dancing in the mall?? They were totally pulling a dhruv!!

Who wants to party? Just call Dhruv, I know he'll be down!
by TheDreamTeam September 9, 2012
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A handsome North Indian guy who is the crush of almost every girl but he don't give them a wave because he only focuses on his Aims and goals . If you somehow are in a love relationship with him, you are the luckiest girl ever as he can do anything just to see smile on her face. He is overprotective for his family and his love.

He has strong masculine features which he himself is obsessed. He is arrogant, cruel and rude to almost every people who are not his loved ones.

If you ever met Dhruv you are the luckiest in the world and never let him go anywhere away from you.
Hey look there! Dhruv!
He is so sexy!!
by Phantom_200730 January 24, 2022
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Litteraly the hottest fucking guy in school. He is so cute (short) but cute. I want to date him so bad like UHUUHGUGHUGH.
That's dhruv over there
everyone swoons
by Dhruv is hot October 19, 2021
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Gaandu Chutya. A guy with 2.25 inches who pretends to have 8
Sala Dhruv
by IndrayaanFanClub August 1, 2023
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