A way of expressing state of shock.
Kiddo 1: "I have a penis."
Kiddo 2: "Oh my gawd!"
by Shock Horror November 17, 2005
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An exclamation, see oh my god. The way people with Long Island accents say oh my god, or those making fun of them
by Liz March 5, 2004
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A variant of "Oh my god". Generally used by shitty authors or said by female new yorkers.
"Oh my gawd, you have such a round bosom," said Brenda.
by poopface Mcgee June 1, 2006
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It's not offensive to anyone so you can say it all you want.
by watzlyfe December 18, 2018
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How a valleygirl would say, "oh my god", to start another one of her senseless conversations about shit.
"Oh, my, gawd. Becky, look at her butt. That is, like, so..."
-a valleygirl

"Oh, my, gawd, like, I just had my period and, like, I have the urge to be all pissed off for, like, no apparent reason!"
-a valleygirl
by Dave March 30, 2004
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