1) Comedic pronunciation of the word God; often used in jest or in satirizing southern US accents

2) Word often used on the internet in substitution for the word God, mainly by closed minded atheists as a personal means of disrespect, ridicule, or revenge. Often used as the result of psychological trauma brought about by bad experiences with religion or a church.
Rebellious teen: Gawd is just fiction. It's all made up fairy tales.

Psychologist: I agree. But why do you refuse to write the word correctly then? You'll sound alot more intelligent if you do, you know?
by An Educated Atheist June 26, 2004
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See wordGod/word.
Prefered by many whom do not believe in the ever popular 'God'-The deity believed to have created the entire world and universe, etc.
Gawddammit, I cut too deeply that time!
by Mandy October 01, 2003
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The term for somone who is entirely to good at somthing he or she is doing and has there for reach a status that of a diety. This is not a compliment but implies this person has no life and devotes way to much time perfecting this action. Mainly applies to video games.
by failed hero October 21, 2009
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its an animal that grows fruit on its back
by innocent.lies September 21, 2018
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