A slang term for a “gat” or firearm.
Someone is outside, quick grab the gatty!
by Escopablos June 9, 2018
A combination of the word "gay" and "batty"
Usually gets said when needing to decide between the two words
"Give me back my sandwich you gatty"
by Yazminge January 16, 2008
A Name You Use To Call An Overweight Boy Who Thinks He's Bi When He Clearly Isn't.
This Kid Is A Gatty.
by Vortex Define August 13, 2019
Pop Smoke: I just stole a brand new 2010 'gatti!
Fetty Luciano: Yo, let's ride that bitch!
by Nigga with a bag March 7, 2020
One who comes through in the clutch, most often with the ladies, not only hooking himself up, but his friends as well. A true team player.
Paul acted like a true Gattie last Friday night; not only did he hook up with Liz, but he sent her to my room after.
by Ryan Taylor May 23, 2006
good pizza,or bread sticks,the "best pizza in town"
lets order some gatti
by will April 17, 2005