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A tourist to sub-orbital or orbital space, through commercial space flight programs.
Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson alongside their crew became the first astrotourists, while visiting sub-orbital space in July 2021
by AxonL July 20, 2021
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good pizza,or bread sticks,the "best pizza in town"
lets order some gatti
by will April 17, 2005
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Pop Smoke: I just stole a brand new 2010 'gatti!
Fetty Luciano: Yo, let's ride that bitch!
by Nigga with a bag March 07, 2020
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Created by Brett Pinnelli and Andrew Campbell.
Originates from the word “Gat

Has multiple meanings.
1. You suck at Fortnite

2. Can be used as an insult
3. Can be said when someone does something stupid or not smart
4. Can be used as a nickname
1. Nick you’re such a “Gattis” for thinking 2 + 2 equals 5

2. Nick you’re such a “Gattis” for getting 99 in Fortnite

3. Hey “Gattis” what’s up?
via giphy
by Eaglesfan87 August 21, 2018
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