In the clutch means at perfect timing.

Comes from the clutch in a manual transmission where perfect timing can mean the difference between a launch and a stall)
"Did you make your job interview yesterday? Heard your car wouldn't start."
"Yeah, man. Shorty came through in the clutch."
by shortyEve November 30, 2015
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When you are playing an online game , and you are the only one alive on your team.You have to "Clutch"the round by killing the opposing team single-handedly. So clutching is surviving in a one versus five or more players situation, killing them and winning the game . Clutching a situation in other words is getting control over a close situation.
Mom-Dinner's ready !
Gamer-Not now mom , I'm clutching !
by Erosin March 3, 2015
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When you are flashing a strap but don't pull the trigger or shot to kill.
Brah this nigga pulled up on me at the gas station and was clutching fool he saw I had my strap and got back in his car and peeled off.
by Jmarie Sunshine Payme March 13, 2017
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The ability to perform well on a certain activity at a particular moment, despite external pressures, influences or distractions.
Carly was clutch when she pulled off a perfect grade on her biochem exam, despite having March Madness going on for weeks prior.

One of Michael Jordan's reasons for being the GOAT is due to clutch shooting in a do-or-die situation.
by floja May 30, 2011
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On manual transmissions, the clutch is a mechanical device--operated by the clutch pedal--that engages and disengages the engine from the transmission so that you can change gears, idle without moving, etc. It generally consists of a clutch disc, a pressure plate, and a flywheel.
Dennis pushed in the clutch pedal as he shifted from third to fourth gear.
by DejaVuMan December 31, 2018
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Clutch; - Perfect, Exactly what is needed, (also used like "score" or "awesome", as an exclamation.)
ie; "Thank god there is a gas station right there, were almost on empty bro"


ie; "Dude I just found $30 in my pocket! Hella clutch!"
by JustinOBuchanan March 9, 2014
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"The other day I was really hungry but thought I had no money on me. Then I found five dollars in my jacket pocket--that was clutch."
by FtG January 9, 2006
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