Created by Brett Pinnelli and Andrew Campbell.
Originates from the word “Gat

Has multiple meanings.
1. You suck at Fortnite

2. Can be used as an insult
3. Can be said when someone does something stupid or not smart
4. Can be used as a nickname
1. Nick you’re such a “Gattis” for thinking 2 + 2 equals 5

2. Nick you’re such a “Gattis” for getting 99 in Fortnite

3. Hey “Gattis” what’s up?
by Eaglesfan87 August 21, 2018
Gatty means 'gay'. Some video games and chatrooms block the word gay, so people tend to type 'G@Y'. @ = at, and gaty sounds like 'gatty'.
<Rixis> danny is gatty
<oozabooman> dont
by oozabooman September 16, 2006
A sexy,strong,independent man who will take your girlfreind
by StepbroGatti September 5, 2021
Mainly used to describe something in a negative way but can also be used positively.
“won’t lie that was some proper gatty behaviour from me last night”

“you seen what she’s wearing? looks gatty as fuck”

Greg: “wow this food is unreal

Paul: “proper gatty init mate!”
by puacreamyaf March 7, 2021
Fabiola Gatti is the frontgirl and songwriter of the UK indie surf band FABS.

She was born in Punta del Este, Uruguay (somewhere in South America) and moved to London, UK at the age of 15 to pursue a music career.

Fabiola is often noted for her good looks, her cheeky fun attitude towards the press and she is also famous for her songwriting skills - not only with FABS but also j-pop tunes for her side project The Chi Chis in Japan.
Fabiola gatti is really pretty and has a nice voice :)
by BethBeth March 24, 2008
She's the Singer/synth player in the awesome synth-pop band Dream Tribes.

Is usually high, and likes dressing like an alien.
Is hot and has a sexy voice.
Likes flying saucers and satellites.
Cool chick: Hey, do you like Dream Tribes?
Uncool chick: HUH?? WHO???WHAT??
Cool chick: Nevermind....

Cool chick: Hey do you like Dream Tribes?
Hipster: YEAH!! Doesn't Fabiola Gatti have the sexiest voice? she's pretty sexy!
by Synthobsessed May 19, 2009