One person that is crazy but u love him anyways. Someone that stands for something. Nice and kind. Wise and funny.
Great grandpa don't eat my cat LOL!!!!
by Piperfoley7883 December 25, 2017
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The most powerful insult that can only be used in the rarest situations and instantly sends them to super hell (hell beyond hell)
Person 1: ur mom gay
Person 2: ur dad lesbian
Person 1: ur granny tranny
Person 2: ur grandpap a trap
Person 1: Ur Great Grandpa has a cock in his jaw
Person 2 *instantly vanishes and is sent to the lowest levels of super hell nearly going to super super hell*
by SpooksterBootster March 14, 2018
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A joke that’s even more original and predictable than a dad joke.
Person A: Why was the crab being so mean?
Person B: Why?
Person A: Because it was feeling crabby!
Person B: Ugh... Enough with the great grandpa jokes.
by Dray’s Dictionary April 15, 2023
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