Gateway- a modern slang term for a place where two entities meet usually from different countries to unite in Platonic relations.
You lets go on a gateway to Maimi.
by YoBabushkaCooking_a_meal January 16, 2021
An overly politicized, required course of all engineers at Columbia University. Initially a brilliant idea to introduce freshmen engineers to real world engineering, eventually a tool of power players at the school to advertise to the surrounding Harlem community and students looking to apply (not to mention donors). Gateway involves team projects oriented around community projects. Though there are exceptions, many of the projects require some sort of highly technical expertise not known by freshmen, or are so open ended that it could take a team of industrial designers two years to come up with an idea.
Bill: Hey, want to do something sometime in the next fourteen weeks?
Ted: Nope. I've got to do busywork for gateway.
by NoneOfYours March 26, 2007
A very hot pepper that causes sensory overload requiring one to always need something hotter.
I just ate pure cayenne, and you know, that's a gateway herb. I need the scorpion mash stat!
by The Barnhouse September 15, 2017
The combination of caffeine, nicotine, ethanol, and THC. A heavenly pairing of all of your typical gateway drugs, hence the name.
What’s up bro? How you doin?
“Man, I am absolutely chilling off the Heaven’s Gateway.”
by Schlawngo February 17, 2023
Gateway International is a roadmap to your abroad dreams. One can call it a sim-sim wish opening gate or Ginni which fulfills the wish of students wishing to study abroad.

Gateway International guides students from application to VISA in such a proper way that Universities and Competitors are in shock!!
“Who will pick up the phone and call, when there is a Gateway International(helping hand) to your dream life.”
by hoshiyar December 2, 2021
A slightly sweet cereal that leads you into eating other, sweeter, cereals.
"It has been established that Honey Nut Cheerios is a gateway cereal that often leads to Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch." - From Adult Swim: America Loves Lists: Hemptastic
by chofero November 3, 2010