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A real juggalo that don't give a fuck if we labeled as a gang or not. We do NOT worship everything violent j or shaggy say, we think independently, unlike twizzlers
Yo we 17%ers don't give no fuck if we a gang or not
by STL446 June 15, 2023
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to induce a fight with your fists
If that bitch don't shut the fuck up they finna see the power of these hands
by STL446 May 21, 2023
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1. When you comment on an old thread
2. A badass rapper and even better producer who raps about gory and explicit shit like ne necrophilia, rape, intense gore, and other horror themed subjects.
1. Don't necro a 5 year old thread, it died long ago
2. Yo you got that new necro album that dropped?
by STL446 June 21, 2023
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Horrorcore rapper who's lyrics often include lots of cannibalism and gory Storytelling
Brotha lynch hung is a badass
by STL446 June 21, 2023
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Hoosiers are wannabe rednecks that aren't southern enough to be rednecks, so they drive around in trucks layered in mud and alcohol. Thy can be found driving around recklessly throughout the midwest throwing budweiser everywhere and firing shotgun shells in random directions.
They plague Midwestern cities, most notably kansas city, Chicago, and especially St. Louis. They can be seen fighting hoodlums in Eastside St louis. All. Fucking. Day.
I just witnessed yet another fight between hoosiers and hoodlums
by STL446 June 15, 2023
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While I do agree with the other definition, you can be whiteboy rap whiteout being white, examples include but certainly not limited to: joyner Lucas, dax, and trashy radio rap like nelly
You can be whiteboy rap without being white
by STL446 June 15, 2023
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In poker, EV (or expected value) is the amount of money a player is expected to win in a given situation, based on math.
%win/lose= equity
$won/lost= number of big blinds

You should bet 10bb on this flop, it will give you the highest EV (expected value)
by STL446 September 27, 2023
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