A day full of errors, when one makes a lot of mistakes.

Not to be confused with "errday" as a lazy contraction of "every day".
Argh, what an errday - I am arsing everything up today. Bugger.
I'm making errors every day - errday is an errday.
by Fishyrich April 14, 2015
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a cooler and more hip way of saying "everyday"...... people who say "everyday" are squares
we gonna hit up da clubs errday
by kedex April 8, 2011
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Guy 1: Hey man, when do you work.

Guy 2: I work errday
by Captain_Clutch July 30, 2008
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a way of saying "everyday" yet in a cooler country slang accent, typically used by cool people in random conversation.
aww ya errdayy man
by jHEARTTT March 6, 2011
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When arriving or leaving a destination it is a greeting that is generally AWESOME...but very stupid. If you say errday you are likely to be made fun of (because you are a retard).

It is commonly used by the the mentally unstable/ extremely high/ people who have been awake for an entire month.

The Err portion of the word can be strung out as long as the user desires...example ERrrrrrrrrrrrrrDay. But it is forbidden for the day portion to be stretched at all. By penatly of death in greater portions of Columbia.
Person 1: Have a good day

Person 2: ERRDAY!

Person 1: That's not a word you fucking idiot!!!!
by SpiffyGIA June 19, 2009
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the act of receiving a pair of testiculars every thirty minutes of every hour of every day
scott gets balls errday
by cuhh May 27, 2009
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