The best artist to listen to when your blazed out of your mind.
"Dude im so blasted, lets listen to some Kid Cudi"

"Hell yeah man,lets do it"
by Joexx27 July 28, 2008
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A real musician. Doesn't rap about sex, money, and All that boring stuff. Instead, he raps about life, his life growing up, his suffering, and does it all with a Cudder flow. He has many fans (like me) because they can relate to what he's saying in his songs. He actually got me into hip hop (the good hip hop).

The fact that Kid Cudi is in the mainstream is a great gift, considering most of it is filled with sell outs that don't deserve it. Whatever Cudi says hits hard, and I don't believe he's ever made a bad song.

Kid Cudi created his own genre. Want proof? Listen to every hip hop artist you know. Now listen to Cudi. It's so unique, it's got a sound only Cudi could make. Whether you're high or not, you will really enjoy his music, and I can't wait for his upcoming rock album coming out January 30th, and his Man on the Moon III album coming out this fall. I hope he continues to make music that touches his millions of fans.
Kid Cudi is a big inspiration in my life, and I can't wait for his rock album and Man on the Moon III. I'm sure they'll be awesome! Oh yeah and Kid Cudi=Hip Hop version of Jesus
by BigFanOfRealMusic January 2, 2012
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he is one of the most down to earth artists right now, and almost anyone can relate to him.

First of all, people who say he's from a rich suburb of shaker heights, ur right, but shaker heights is NOT a rich suburb that raises doctors. It borders the actual city of cleveland and south shaker is known for gang violence. I would know, ive lived there. If you want to meet some rich white fags, cross the van aken tracks.. Even IF kid cudi was rich growing up, it wouldnt matter, he doesnt rap about gangster shit..
Person 1: that new Kid Cudi song with dan black called 'symphonies' is so amazing it keeps me from just giving up on life

Person 2: i feel u man, but hes from the burbs so he aint a real rapper

Person 1:.....shut the fuck up.......
by pinklemonadestand February 11, 2010
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Cleveland-based rapper whose mixtape A Kid Named Cudi brought him to the attention of Kanye West. Also, pretty awesome sampling.
Dude, have you heard Kid Cudi?

Yes, I quite enjoy his stoner swagga and sampling of Band of Horses and N.E.R.D.
by extrasupacool April 21, 2009
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Kid Cudi is a stoner. He's a beast rapper. He's blazed.
Lance: Dude, have you heard of that one rapper Kid Cudi? The guys the king of the stoners!

Tyrone: Yeah! That guys a beast!
by Kid Cudi Is Beast July 19, 2009
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Steve: Bob you a fake nigga, listen to Kid Cudi & take notes.

Bob: Fuck you. My mojos so dope.
by Dik Iduc March 3, 2011
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An american rapper who originated from CLeveland. He writes some of the sickest lyrics out there. He plays great live shows and is the real deal. Kid Cudi's music is easy to relate to and chills ppl out, it is also great party music. O and dont forget it is great to listen to when you are getting high. I recommend listening to down and out, cudi zone, and up up and away. His music is great and you can actually understand what he is saying while he raps. he should be recognized as one of the best artists out there.
dude: Dude i just saw KiD CuDi at Purdue last friday!!!

other dude: O man you are so lucky KiD CuDi is one of my favorites! How was it!

dude: It was so great he played all of his hits and his older songs from his mixtapes!!! B.o.B was there too n he teared up! But man KiD CuDi's music is so smooth AND deep.

other dude: We should go smoke a blunt and listen to some pursuit of happyness!

dude: HELL YEA!
by duane jewhas March 29, 2010
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